The mission of REEME: Allow artists to improve their visibility and share their passion with the world


REEME is the largest community exclusively dedicated to the artistic world. Whether you're a singer, dancer, DJ, or just lovers of music, REEME is the perfect solution to watch and stream your videos. Thanks to technological advances REEME answers to major problems of all the actors of the art world: the visibility and exchange between artists and enthusiasts

Join the community, show your talent and share your passion with the public!

The essence of the community is based on the creation of a genuine link between a public and artists through a unique interaction. The objective is to be a talent pool without end among whom amateurs, professionals and public can meet any kind to support their passion.


Is convinced that this community is a key point for:

-          Improving your visibility
-          Revealing your talent,
-          Sharing your passion,
-          Getting in touch with professionals and other artists
-          Communicating by private messages between users
The basic principle
Searching artist's interest
Since its inception, Reeme strives to offer its best possible user experience community. When we imagine a new feature or when we improve the user profile of our internet site, we favor the user's interest before that of our society.
Who is behind Reeme?
When it comes to be known, young artists starting their careers have tremendous difficulty gaining visibility and make themselves known. Based on this observation, Music professionals Created Reeme, the first dedicated exclusively to the art world community
With Reeme, artists have all the cards to the buzz and be the best in their category.
If Reeme think to the satisfaction of the artists, it does not not forget that visitors and recruiters competitions subject to visitors vote will be organized as well as meetings with industry professionals.
Real toolbox for Recruiters
Reeme not stop there. Around his service to the artists, the vocation to become a real community toolbox for recruiters. The site will soon offer the ability to add casting announcements, events and tips. Each week or month, an artist will be highlighted on the website! "We want to give a big boost to artists